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Indeed, most marches serve more than one purpose. Usually a march is held to advocate and support, or protest against something. The difference with this march is that the emphasis is to convey our love of God. We want to create a great impact at the time of the march so people understand we are not a threat but are part of the spiritual, physical, and/or natural problems of the city and we equally want to be part of the solution.


Why use this method? The answer: because it is part of the vision and plan that God has entrusted to the city, state, region, and nation. For over 200 years the forces of evil have prevailed in this city and influenced, for worse, many other parts of the world. But God from heaven has decreed an order of liberation and commissions us as His collaborators to come out and prepare the way for his people to build a path and clear it STONES?.


Why has the church decided to do  a Public March? Other methods in the city have not been successful. As a church, we may have tried a number of different methods to convey the message of the Gospel to the people and to make a call to the unity of the Church of Christ and we have made little progress. A Public March, with all its spiritual implications, prayer, fasting, vigils and worship together, is an appropriate and powerful way to reach more people with the message of the Good News of salvation. It also serves as a means of Christian identification with better access to a collective participation of members of the Body of Christ. A Public March is necessary to show the forces of darkness that while we  are a set of weak people with many faults, when we are brought together by the Holy Spirit,  we become a force that is capable of tearing down their strongholds; until they immobilized. Furthermore, the March will show that we are the light of the world and that we have understood that being separated and hidden under a bushel we cannot illuminate anyone (Matt 5:15). For these reasons and more, when we rise up united, and exercise God's authority, every manor of evil must be submitted to the power of the bright, powerful and unstoppable church of Jesus Christ.

Why we decided to use a public march? Because we want to create a public impact. We wish to provide the greatest possible impression in the consciousness of every resident and visitor to the city and the church. It is also to draw the attention of the people, government officials and the press about the church and its message of faith, hope, peace, love and unity. An effective public march can make people aware of the existence of the state of spiritual darkness prevailing in the city in which they live, and their negative influences on families. Furthermore they can understand that it is not the only alternative they have. In effect, it allows them see the need to do something about it and simultaneously gives them a way out through Jesus Christ. It also improves profile of the church to government authorities, allowing them to provide considerations place. Furthermore for the church to be identified by the community as an oasis in the midst of a spiritual desert. This March is important because it will put the spotlight on the church, giving us the opportunity to carry out the great commission, while the Lord is glorified by miracles and feats.



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