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FEPAU is a Christian non-profit organization. It is the unity of the Body of Christ, the church, by pastors, ministers, and congregations in general in obedience to God. After searching in prayer and fasting, decided to join together, take up this cause and march towards spiritual and moral change for our communities as well as social and economic welfare. FEPAU is a multicultural, interdenominational institution and is available to everyone. It is currently comprised of evangelical Christian congregations of English, Portuguese, and Spanish speaking communities. We pray that the Lord will add many more congregations of different cultures and languages. Those responsible for the management of FEPAU are pastors: Wimpys Fernandez, Ventura Loredo, Felix Guerrero, and Moises Dominguez.


It is important to clarify that FEPAU is only part of the great vision that God gave us about this piece of land called Salem, MA which has 41,310 inhabitants according to the last census conducted. Along with the vision, the Lord promised us that He will put guard over the city to watch and pray for it day and night. He also said that He will spiritually awaken influential and wealthy people to contribute and collaborate with the cause.


In late July 2009 the Lord told us to write and declare this vision that He is now beginning to materialize because on October 11, 2014 FEPAU was founded after several pastors and city leaders came into agreement during the celebration of the historic breakfast-conference held at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. Because of the blessing, joy, and warmth which we enjoyed that beautiful and unforgettable day, by the presence of God in our midst, because of the humility of each of the participants, and because of the need to expand the vision and God's purposes for the city, this Breakfast for Pastors and Leaders was officially established and is to be held every year until the Lord comes. Although most of the attendees then were Hispanic, one of the objectives and vision of FEPAU is to integrate all the sister congregations of different denominations and different languages, primarily those located within the city limits, as well as those in surrounding areas.


FEPAU has a passion to serve our communities which are comprised of families. It is for that reason that the vision of FEPAU is comprehensive and includes the whole family. We aim to offer each person the greatest biblical knowledge that can improve their quality of life, making sure they receive their salvation through Christ Jesus so they can protect and secure their eternal destiny. To do this, we have programs for discipleship, as well as personal, marital, and family counseling, and in cases of addiction, trained experts guided by the Holy Spirit, on the subjects. Among our priorities is helping in the formation and character development of our children and youth in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and moral development, our goal being to direct them towards a better future.


In an age when time and family warmth are threatened by the preferential use of social networks and so many forms of entertainment and distractions, these cause an ever greater alienation and cooling affection among family members. To the extent that loneliness, abandonment, and in extreme cases, rejection, and contempt have raised in our children a spirit of rebellion, stubbornness, and disobedience and as a result, lack of respect for parents and to any type of authority. We are truly blessed to be able to serve our neighbors and community through functional methods. We understand that the problems of our communities are not in the abuse of drugs, alcohol, in abuse or domestic violence, crime, and neglect of children, basic needs, etc. They are those who make and distribute alcohol and drugs, those who commit abuses and injustice. The problem is in the human heart. And while this is true, we do intend to provide food, clothing, shelter, Christian education, etc.


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